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Mieszany Chór Mariański
przy Parafii Najświętszej Maryi Panny z Lourdes w Krakowie

Chór Mariański

Association "MIESZANY CHÓR MARIA?SKI" at the Parish Church of the Holy Virgin Maria from Lourdes Krakow [POLAND]     

The Mariański Choir is acting at the Parish Church of Priestly Missionaries under the invocation of the Holy Virgin Maria from Lourdes in Krakow. Through the last half-century and more it marks one's own presence on musical map of Krakow.

Singing over 37 years under conducting Jan Rybarski the choir reached many of significant successes on numerous reviews and national festivals, also international ones.

Belong to them Grand Prix and first places on following editions of competition of choirs in Krakow, golden medals on all - Polish Festivals of choral song in Katowice, Grand Prix on competition of choirs dedicated to the Pope John Paul II in Krakow and festivals of Christmas carols: in Myślenice (Poland) and in Prague (Czech Republic); prizes on festivals of choral song in Międzyzdroje (Poland), Caecilianum 2000 and 2004 in Warsaw (Poland), Loretto and Gorizzia - both in Italy, Košice (Slovakia), Ihlava (Czech Republic), Mogilev (Bielyarussia) and lately in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin (Germany). This year the choir took part in concert's tour in Lyon and Nice (France), Rome (Italy) and in Vienna (Austria).

In the choir's repertoire you can find full palette of music creativeness: recognized works of great masters, religious compositions of Polish and foreign composers, songs and folk-songs of many nations, musical interpretations of literary texts, fragments of operas and musicals.

The choir concentrates people of different profession. All of them unite idea of preparation and performing of choral music. The members of the choir musical practice is different - from several months to beyond forty years.  

Jan Rybarski

Conductor of the Mariański Choir and organist - Jan Rybarski - is graduated of the Secondary School of Organists (Salesian Fathers managed) in Przemyśl and the High School of Music in Krakow. His tutors were: composer - father Idzi Ogierman-Mański, professor Józef Radwan and professor Jerzy Kurcz.

Jan Rybarski had been lecturer of conducting in the Papal Theological Academy in Krakow. Now, he is Artistic Director of PZChiO = Polish Federation of Choirs and Orchestras in Krakow and also the tutor for young adepts of orgel and choral music.

With one's own engagement and with dynamism the conductor mobilizes the choir to reach interesting artistic level of musical interpretations.

In acknowledgement of contributions in the culture and art he received the Prize of the Krakow's Voivode in 1995 and the Medal of National Education Committee in 2003.